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Will Tsai the Visualist, a self-made visual artist from Vancouver, Canada.

For a decade, Will worked as a master visual illusion/art designer across the globe for various TV programs and concert stages, His on-screen career officially took off when his performance on America’s Got Talent went viral to over 300 million views across platform on the Internet.

Will is a performer, inventor, designer, and visionist. He creates inspiring visuals and movie-CGI-like special effects for live audience around the world.

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2017AGT performance, 300 millions views across platform on the Internet
2017Shanghai, Levitating above Pearl Tower at 600 meters off the ground
2018CCTV : China Central TV New Year Galla , Tech Music Illusion Show, Live broadcasted to 13E people
2018Oppo “Autumn TV Festival Presenter” , Live broadcasted to 47 million viewers
2019Tiktok presentor , live broadcasted to 56 million viewers
2020Netflix : J Style Trip Series on-screen co-host , consultant, producer
2021Director of Sotheby’s x Jay Chou Asia Curated Art Exhibition
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