We sell attention!

If you ever need to market your product or brand with

insane creativity – we can help.

Our team have developed eye catching unique projects across the globe over the past decade. The experiences we have on overcoming challenges allows us to offer wide array of services. On the tech side we design, we produce, and we execute.

But what really brings value to you is our capability to merge the core value of your product and brand with our execution. We understand that whatever we make happen, we make it happen for YOU!


Will offers standard performance as well as fully customized performance. Whether if you need an unique act for pure entertainment, or a customized visual performance designed to deliver a message,company culture, or product launch, Will provides his service with highest standard in the industry.


Will consults for TV programs, Live Tour, and Concerts around the world. Whether if it’s visual effect or conceptual design, Will has an unique approach to create original content the world’s has never seen before.


Will has a wild imagination to create true unique and original content. His talent is often applied in different platforms such as run way show, TV commercials, and product launch to create memorable moments that your client will talk about for a long time.